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The following table describes the various sorts of cookies that our website employs, as well as the reasons for their use. The list of third-party biscuit providers is provided for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered exhaustive.

Types of CookiePurposeWho Serves
(for example)
Performance/AnalyticsThese cookies are used to analyse the functionality of our website and identify areas for improvement. For instance, we may use cookies to determine how you utilise particular site features.GoogleNew Relic
FunctionalityThese cookies are employed to analyse our website’s operation and identify areas for improvement. For example, we may use cookies to determine how you interact with certain site features.Vigazon
Together, Cookies and You If you opt not to enable cookies or delete local storage, you will still be able to visit our website, but some of its features and capabilities will be disabled.

Controlling your cookies

You may enable or disable cookies using your browser settings. If you wish to restrict or block the cookies placed by any website, you must do so via the web browser settings of each web browser you employ on each device from which you access the internet.

If you want to delete the search history data stored in your browser’s local storage, click the “X” next to the “Recent Searches” tab. The local data will then be destroyed.

You can also manage cookies used by many corporations for online advertising by using consumer choice tools built under self-regulation schemes in many countries, such as the US-based choices page or the EU-based Your Online Choices.